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Come To The Feast Of Healing

Come To The Feast Of Healing

7 March 2021

About This Sermon

In these dark and difficult times, God has prepared a great feast of His healing anointing for you to enjoy! In this must-hear sermon by Joseph Prince, learn how you can access all the benefits of Jesus’ finished work when you boldly come to God’s table of abundant blessings. Learn powerful truths in this message that will help you:

  • Eradicate sickness and lack when you build your life on the unshakable foundation of grace.
  • Come boldly to your heavenly Father and receive His restoration and provision in times of crisis.
  • Live a life of true holiness that glorifies God when you live life under the new covenant.
  • Be filled with all the fullness of God as you experience His unconditional love for you.

It’s time to say yes to your Father’s generous invitation to come and feast on His overflowing supply of breakthroughs and answers!

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