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God's Secret On Tithing (2-DVD Album)

God's Secret On Tithing (2-DVD Album)

3 September 2013
Have you been sowing but not reaping? Have you been tithing to your church, but without real purpose or revelation? It's time for you, the seed of Abraham in Christ, to realise that your tithe actually testifies that Jesus is alive today. Join Joseph Prince as he unveils this seldom-taught truth and be amazed by the brilliance and generosity of your heavenly Father. Learn how tithing with revelation will not only cause blessings to flow in your own life, but also in the lives of your descendents! So get this revelation-packed album and learn the correct attitude that God wants you to have towards money.
2-DVD Album (2 sermons-approx. total duration: 3hr 3min)
Disc 1: Your Tithe Testifies That He's Alive! (Approx. 1hr 35min)
Disc 2: God's Best-Kept Secret On Tithing-Can You Take It? (Approx. 1hr 28min)

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