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Live Free —The Power To Live Above Doubt, Anger and Bitterness
Video Album

Live Free —The Power To Live Above Doubt, Anger and Bitterness

1 January 2017

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Get rid of doubt, anger, and bitterness today—God wants you free of these hindrances to your dreams and destiny! In three revelation-packed sermons by Joseph Prince, discover the key to overcoming sin and enjoying freedom and fruitfulness as a believer. Be enlightened and encouraged as you:

• Learn what causes doubt and anger and how to overcome them
• Break free from low self-esteem, pride, and self-occupation
• Discover how to anchor your identity in Christ Jesus and His love for you
• Understand how bitterness begins, what feeds it, and what it can lead to
• Find out how to put an axe to the poisonous root of bitterness

See why living under God’s grace, ever conscious of His supply, enables you to meet life’s demands and overcome all bitterness, bondages, and lack. Let the light of God’s Word lead you to a life full of faith, peace, and joy today!

3-DVD Album (3 sermons—approx. total duration: 4hr 8min)

• Live The Overcoming Life (approx. duration: 1hr 33min)

• Live Free From Anger And Doubt (approx. duration: 1hr 10min)

• Win The Battle Over Bitterness (approx. duration: 1hr 25min)

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Collene Greco

January 15th, 2017

Trusting totally in God helps us resist bitterness when we feel taken advantage of or experience unfair treatment He sees what's going on and will turn it to our advantage even if we don't see that right away.He will give us the grace to be gracious or He will give us a way out

Gadija Delong Pastore

January 19th, 2017

I have not bought this resource but others and hallelujah bless God I'm so blessed grateful for this Chinese pastor and beloved brother in Christ hallelujah I am proud of you brother and my our precious Lord keep on blessing you amen yours in Christ our Lord

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