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Grace Revolution-Live @ Lakewood Church, Houston (4-DVD Album)
Video Album

Grace Revolution-Live @ Lakewood Church, Houston (4-DVD Album)

3 September 2013

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DVD Album
DVD Album 20120003DJ

Join Joseph Prince in this live, first-time ever, historic event! Preaching in person in America's largest church, Joseph delivers three riveting and life-changing messages that unveil the beauty of Jesus and the glory of His amazing grace. Capture the excitement of the tens of thousands who came from all over the United States to attend this much awaited event, and be equally blown away by the incomparable gospel of grace-the power of God for living a victorious life free of condemnation, defeat and fear. Get a fresh revelation of God's grace, experience His perfect love and get ready to reign in life! Be part of the Grace Revolution that is liberating, restoring and radically transforming lives all over the world today!

4-DVD Album (3 sermons & a Bonus DVD-approx. total duration: 3hr 05min)

Disc 1: Grace Revolution (Approx. 52min)

Disc 2: Receiving Irreversible Righteousness (Approx. 42min)

Disc 3: Becoming The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved (Approx. 51min)

Bonus Disc: Exclusive TBN Interview With Joseph And Wendy Prince (Approx. 40min)

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