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Condemnation Kills But The Spirit Gives Life
Video Album

Condemnation Kills But The Spirit Gives Life

23 April 2017

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USB Flash Drive
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USB Flash Drive 20090003DJUSB

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USB Flash Drive includes both video MP4 and audio MP3 formats.

Bringing back our best-selling series!

Get to the root of defeat in your life…and get rid of it for good! Let Joseph Prince show you why the root cause of many of our problems is actually condemnation, how it results in stress, fear, and death, and why it is not something you can overcome by your self-effort. But the good news is, God has already provided the solution! Discover how to receive and be anchored in His gift of no condemnation paid for with His Son's blood at Calvary. Plug into this resource and begin to walk in the power to break out of the cycle of defeat and live a life of victory!

This USB flash drive series contain 4 sermons in 4 video files (MP4) and 4 audio files (MP3)
(Approx. total duration: 5hr 38min)

1. Condemnation Kills (Approx. 1hr 34min)

2. The Root Cause Of Your Problem Is Condemnation (Approx. 1hr 20min)

3. When You Are Under Condemnation, God's Favor Cannot Flow (Approx. 1hr 11min)

4. God Is Not On The Frequency Of Condemnation (Approx. 1hr 33min)

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Monica Smith

January 8th, 2016

My favorite of all my Joseph Prince resources. I say this because I have been a Christian for over 20 years, but I did not know until I heard these messages that condemnation was killing me! As I started to listen I said to myself over and over again, "So that's why, so that's why, " in reference to areas of defeat in my life that I could not understand! Much of what I was taught by well-meaning church leaders was hurting me and I didn't know how God could possibly bless me because I would always fail and fall. Then the enemy would use condemnation to mentally beat me over the head and it was a vicious cycle thinking I could receive anything from the Lord. Well, no more! I now know I am fully qualified because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross. I am set free from the law of sin and death. A must for believers who have been in Christ before radical grace was brought to set us free. it will wash your brain and reveal the truth about your position in Christ and how you can receive all that the Lord has for you!

Hannah Punitha

July 25th, 2016

It's my favorite too, I was set free from 38 years of condemnation that was killing my joy, peace and performance . The worst part of it was I never knew that the problem in my life was condemnation. As Monica had rightly mentioned much of it was taught by well meaning christian leaders and it was hurting me badly. NO MORE!-now I know that there is no more condemnation for me b'coz I'M IN CHRIST! WOW the devil who had pinned me down for 38 years is totally defeated in my life. Glory to God! I'm also experiencing healing from an auto-immune skin condition that paralyzed my life for 38 years. I rejoice in the Lord saying to myself again and again, thank you JESUS you have overpaid for the sins of my entire life-past,present and future. I keep on saying'' thank you JESUS you are my perfect and the only one sacrifice of my sins for ever and thank you for the perfect conscience you have given me through your incorruptible blood. PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS! THANK YOU PASTOR PRINCE FOR THE BOLD PREACHING OF RADICAL GRACE THAT IS SETTING MANY PEOPLE FREE ACROSS THE GLOBE. MAY GOD STRENGTHEN YOU, PROTECT YOU AND BLESS YOU,YOUR CHURCH AND FAMILY MORE AND MORE.

Alexandra Portier

May 6th, 2017

Such a revelation that every stress in my life came from fear of condemnation, fear of people doing this, even condemning myself... but only the truth makes me free. There is now no more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. And I can only say Thank You Jesus for revealing Your Unconditionnal love for me. Amen

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