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Your Only Battle Today Is The Fight To Remain At Rest (Part 1 Of A New Series On Rest)

Your Only Battle Today Is The Fight To Remain At Rest (Part 1 Of A New Series On Rest)

12 August 2007

About This Sermon

In this message, Joseph Prince shakes up your perspective to see things God's way, and explains what the 'fight of faith' really means. God has called you out of tiresome self-effort into a life of resting and trusting in Him. It's a life of victory and good success, one that Jesus has paid for you to have. The only battle left is to fight to be at rest, regardless of the circumstances you are facing. Do you think you can handle it? Are you prepared to fight for your rest?

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1 Recommendation

October 02, 2020
Nancy Joanes
I absolutely loved this sermon because i have been struggling with Sleepless nights and loss of weight due to loss in my appetite as i have been concerned about my family back in India .. As Pstr Prince was sharing his own testimony of how each time he worried about his daughter Jessica, he would experience this irritable bowel syndrome, which is precisely what I experience everytime i would hear my family go through something and because of this i have lost a lot of weight, when Pstr Prince said “do your family a FAVOR” by not worrying about them because everytime i would worry it would cause them more harm than good, i was able to REST completely! From the Time this year begun i have been hearing one thing that the Lord kept telling me on “Repeat Mode”- “REST” and I could not understand how to rest .. When i saw Pstr Prince title on Rest i was eagerly waiting for the Word, i have heard so many sermons of Pstr Prince on Rest but in this particular sermon Pstr shared his own Testimony where he was battling with the same symptom as mine and i knew this was purely the Lord’s Timing to help me breakfree as Rev 12:11 says WE SHALL OVERCOME BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY! I thank our Loving Father for this so timely sermon, *The Anointing this sermon carries has bondage-breaking power* .. After months i was able to sleep well with a big smile on my face knowing while i am Resting my Lord Jesus is Fighting, and Resting is Progressing , as long as i am Resting my God is working .. I have got my appetite back and i am FREE indeed! I thank my Lord & my God for speaking to me through pastor Prince! We love u Lord Jesus! Stay Blessed Pstr Prince n continue to be a Blessing to many others by God’s GRACE! Amen

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