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Your Failure Isn’t Final

Your Failure Isn’t Final

25 April 2021

About This Sermon

Child of God, your failure doesn’t have the final say in your life—God’s restoration does! In this powerful message by Joseph Prince, learn essential truths from the guilt offering of the Old Testament that will help you to break free from the destructive cycle of condemnation and cause you to see victory in areas of defeat. Find out how you can:

  • Expect to see God’s much-more restoration abound in the very areas you’ve failed.
  • Respond to every negative situation with hope and confidence in God’s saving grace.
  • Break free from self-consciousness and self-doubt when you actively receive the gift of God’s righteousness.
  • Leave the shackles of guilt and shame behind and start experiencing freedom from every bad habit and addiction.

Beloved, your mistakes don’t have to determine your future. Your new identity in Christ through His finished work has made all the difference in your life!

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