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This might surprise you, but holiness isn’t about following a set of rules. In Hebrew, the word “holy” simply means "uncommon.” In a world filled with uncertainty and fear, being holy is to live with confidence and hope in Christ. Where insecurity and depression are on the rise, being holy is to walk in God’s peace and stability.

Take this journey with Joseph Prince to discover how:
- God has set you apart to live an uncommon life for His glory
- Wisdom from His Word will equip you to walk in strength and victory in a dark and fallen world
- You can walk more and more in this game-changing wisdom

Whether you’re an employee, a homemaker, or a student, you’re a child of God—called to be a testimony of His goodness!
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May 24, 2018
Monsieur, je suis française et ne parle pas l anglais , serait il possible que vos preches soit sous titré s'il vous plait, pour le moment je recois vos vidéos et je me contente de traduite par google ce qui est écrit en intitulé sous la vidéo. Merci pour votre travail les quelques livres et vidéos qui sont en francçais mon bénies, mais j aimerais pouvoir être bénie pour tout votre travail . Amicalement en Christ
July 10, 2019
Anthony Minz
I love to watch Pastor Joseph Prince for 4 years. At that age I was a brokenhearted college going boy but now I'm whole and have accomplished as a cricket coach of my state team. All Glory and Praise to JESUS alone. Love you Pastor Prince.

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