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Wisdom For Financial Success

Wisdom For Financial Success

17 November 2019

About This Sermon

God is interested in your financial success. In this revelation-packed message, you’ll discover God’s wisdom for handling your finances so that you can be a blessing to this world and a testimony of His glory. As Joseph Prince expounds on the parable of the Ten Servants in Luke 19 and the story of Joseph in the Old Testament, you’ll see how God wants you to receive His practical wisdom for money management so that you can:

  • Safeguard the welfare of your family and even generations to come.
  • Be well-provided-for so that you can bless others generously.
  • Be an evident testimony of God’s goodness that inspires others to know Him.
  • Receive His reward when you steward the resources He has given you.
Begin to be an effective servant for God’s kingdom when you learn why and how He wants you to be financially successful!

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