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Where Is Holiness In Grace?

Where Is Holiness In Grace?

31 October 2021

About This Sermon

Does the gospel of grace give people license to sin? Does grace lead people away from living a holy life? If you’ve ever asked these questions or heard controversies surrounding the grace teaching, this eye-opening message by Joseph Prince will show you what the Bible really says about God’s grace. See from Scripture how holiness is produced when a believer is truly under the new covenant of grace. Learn how you can:

  • Live a holy life that glorifies God when you are rested in your identity as the righteousness of God in Christ.
  • See miracles and deliverance from all kinds of addictions when you are established in the grace of God.
  • Be led by the Holy Spirit’s perfect guidance when you believe you are the disciple whom Jesus loves.
  • Produce the fruits of the Spirit like peace, forgiveness, and self-control when you know how fully forgiven you are in Christ.

Beloved, start resting in what the Lord Jesus has done for you at the cross and begin to live a life that is truly holy—set apart from the world!

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