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The Year Of Hazon Vision

The Year Of Hazon Vision

3 January 2021

About This Sermon

2021 is the year of Hazon Vision! This year, let God fill your heart with His prophetic vision for your life and experience many good days ahead. In this revelation-packed Vision Sunday sermon by Joseph Prince, discover how your breakthroughs and miracles begin with receiving the Lord’s hazon vision—whether it is in your family life, career, ministry, or health. Learn powerful truths that will help you:

  • Experience many beautiful days ahead, even as the world gets darker.
  • Energize your faith with positive pictures of your future from God’s Word.
  • Live with renewed hope as God restores the visions and dreams the enemy has stolen.
  • Receive divine wisdom and answers for every challenge you’re facing.
  • Reach out to the world with the gospel when you understand God’s prophetic vision for the church in this season.
Beloved, look away from the negativity around you and receive God’s hazon vision that will bring days of heaven on earth this 2021!

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