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Unlock God's Power In Your Life—Ask And You Shall Receive

Unlock God's Power In Your Life—Ask And You Shall Receive

21 January 2018

About This Sermon

With the right wisdom and understanding, all your problems can be solved—and God gives wisdom liberally to those who ask for it! In this powerful and practical message, Joseph Prince shows you why prioritizing wisdom is so important and how you can tap into God’s perfect wisdom every day. Need to make an important decision? Learn how you can ask God for insight and discernment, and how you can lean on His Spirit to lead you from within and through others. With so much conflicting information out there, you need the discretion and revelation only the Lord can give. Ask and you shall receive!

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1 Recommendation

October 05, 2018
abike hassan
This sermon really healed and blessed me so much. It provides me with the powerful Grace that the Wisdom of God, gives to us as His children and how we need to ask in Faith and receive in every area of our lives. And also revealing to me even as Pastor Prince, break it down in a more understanding method - which can only be done by The Holy Spirit Praise Be To God Our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ Forever Amen. Pastor Prince God Bless your family, ministry and yourself Amen.

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