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The Truth About Tithing Under Grace

The Truth About Tithing Under Grace

26 May 2019

About This Sermon

What does the Bible really say about tithing under grace? Is it still relevant for believers under the new covenant?

Join Joseph Prince as he delves into Scripture and reveals to you the truth about tithing in our day and age. In this revelatory message, get answers to these commonly asked questions about tithing and provision, such as:

  • Is there still a need to tithe if we’re under grace? Isn’t tithing a principle under the law?
  • Why should I tithe to my local church? What does the Bible say about it?
  • Does the teaching of provision in the body of Christ lead to materialism?
It’s time to let God’s Word, not man’s opinions, shed light into this often-debated topic and give you a revelation for tithing under grace today!

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1 Recommendation

May 31, 2019
Funmilayo Linda ALAO
I like sermon because it help me to understand better, that tithing is not only for the fatherless, widow and strangers. Thank you ALAO LINDA Lagos Nigeria.

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