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The Stars Tell The Story Of Jesus

The Stars Tell The Story Of Jesus

22 December 2019

About This Sermon

The Bible says that all creation was made to reveal God’s glory—especially the stars! Catch glorious glimpses of your Savior in the signs of the zodiac, and see how the beautiful story of redemption was written in the constellations from the beginning of time. As you read the stars through the lens of biblical prophecy in Genesis and Job, you’ll discover how Jesus has made it possible for you to:

  • Find healing and restoration for your broken heart.
  • See your marriage, family, and relationships being securely held together.
  • Experience robust well-being, peace, and joy.
  • Live life with hope, knowing you have a Heavenly Father who cares deeply for you.
Experience God’s love afresh as you see His relentless pursuit of you written in creation!

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