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The Secret Of Obed-Edom’s Blessings

The Secret Of Obed-Edom’s Blessings

16 January 2022

About This Sermon

Who is Obed-Edom and why was he blessed by God? Find the secret of receiving God’s abundant blessings in your family as you learn about the life of this lesser-known Bible character! Join Joseph Prince on this exciting journey and start to see your marriage and children flourish when you catch a revelation of what Obed-Edom believed. Discover life-changing truths that will cause you to:

  • Experience restoration of family relationships when you bring Jesus into the midst of them.
  • See your children walk in a new measure of God’s anointing and blessings in all they do.
  • Follow God’s ways and see His blessings and favor follow after you.
  • Position yourself for supernatural breakthroughs and turnarounds when you value the person of Jesus and His atoning work at the cross.

Beloved, catch a revelation of what Obed-Edom believed and prioritized in life that led to unprecedented family blessings, and begin to see those same blessings and more come on your entire household!

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