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The Lord Of Time And Space

The Lord Of Time And Space

5 January 2020

About This Sermon

Jesus is the Lord of time and space, and He wants to restore quality time and accelerate promotion in your life this 2020!

In this revelation-packed Vision Sunday message, encounter a God who wields time in your favor and brings you to higher levels of success. Delve deeper into a study of Solomon’s Temple and receive wisdom to live your best year yet! Fully experience what God has in store for you when you discover how to:

  • Receive divine wisdom that will position you for promotion.
  • Experience restoration of lost years and the breakthroughs you’ve been waiting for.
  • Break free from regret, worry, and fear of the future, and enjoy greater peace and rest.
  • Be led by the Spirit one step at a time and make every day count.
No matter your age, your past, or your disqualifications, the Lord of time and space wants to give you a bright future and a hope!

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2 Recommendations

January 15, 2020
Say Chanhnoy
For Ever Always Good 📰
January 09, 2020
Anita Sami
There's this stream of unending joy and peace I feel inside me when I learnt that this is the year of time and space.

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