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About This Sermon

We all want to live the blessed life—enjoying family relationships, robust health, peace, joy, and meaning. So what stops us from experiencing all these blessings? In this foundational message by Joseph Prince, discover what hinders you from living your best life and the key that unlocks all that God has in store for you. Learn how you can:

  • Uproot wrong beliefs and see God’s supply of health, provision, and emotional well-being flow into your life like never before.
  • Watch addictions and afflictions fall away effortlessly.
  • Experience God’s transforming power that restores your marriage and causes your children to experience peace and good success.

Child of God, don’t settle for a life of defeat. Let this message propel you into the blessed life that is rightfully yours in Christ!

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2 Recommendations

May 02, 2019
abike hassan
listening regularly to sermons committed to Joseph Prince, through the Wonderful Grace of God is helping me to grow in the knowledge and understanding God's Word and growing my Faith Praise the Lord for all His Goodness Amen. Our Good Lord, Richly Reward you in every area, your loved ones and the ministry He committed to your hand Amen.
May 06, 2019
Zelalem Dereje
it gives me knowledge of Holy Spirit and an ever lasting life of the kingdom of God.

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