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The Healing Power Of The Holy Communion

The Healing Power Of The Holy Communion

24 February 2019

About This Sermon

Sickness. Suffering. Premature aging and death.

When the world offers no lasting solutions for the human condition, God has given us a powerful gift to escape the ills of humanity. In this bondage-breaking message, Joseph Prince shows you from Scripture how you can break free from mankind’s curse through the Holy Communion! Experience a supernaturally healthy life as you begin to:

  • See God’s heart for His children to walk in divine health and wholeness.
  • Understand what it means to “partake worthily” of the Lord’s Supper.
  • Focus on the finished work of Jesus and stop worrying about your level of faith.
  • Discover how simple, practical and accessible God’s delivery system of healing is.

Beloved, take up the invitation to partake of this divine meal. You’ll find yourself healthier, stronger, and younger in the days to come!

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