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The Christmas Story—From Creation To The Cross

The Christmas Story—From Creation To The Cross

23 December 2018

About This Sermon

The story of Christ being born has been told every Christmas season for generations. Yet behind the familiar nativity scene, God had been planning this epic love story of sending His Son to save mankind from the beginning of time. Beloved, saving you from your sins wasn’t just an afterthought, but at the forefront of His mind! In this Christmas message, you will:

  • Experience God’s everlasting love as you see His redemption plan unfold.
  • Say goodbye to fear as you see how God is always one step ahead of the enemy’s attacks.
  • Be filled with hope as you see how God works everything together for good.

This Christmas season, may you catch a fresh revelation of how precious you are to the Lord and how He will never give up on you!

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