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Stay Strong And Healthy God’s Way

Stay Strong And Healthy God’s Way

20 February 2022

About This Sermon

Are you facing a health scare, a negative doctor’s report, or worries about the idea of “growing old”? Discover from Scripture how our Lord Jesus has paid the price for you to enjoy a long, healthy, and satisfying life! Through the stories of men and women of faith in the Bible, learn keys to overcoming sickness and becoming physically strong. See how you can:

  • Receive God’s healing and health when you saturate yourself in His Word.
  • Experience a renewal of youth when you believe in His promises of robust health and strength—even as you advance in age.
  • Enjoy peace and wholeness in every part of your being when you rightly discern the holy Communion.
  • Exchange your weariness and tiredness with God’s supernatural strength when you fix your eyes on Jesus in the Word.

Beloved, God wants you to be full of strength and in good health all the days of your life. Receive His restorative power that daily renews your strength and youth!

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