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Secrets Of Jesus Hidden In The Tribes Of Israel—Part 2

Secrets Of Jesus Hidden In The Tribes Of Israel—Part 2

7 April 2019

About This Sermon

Find deliverance and strength as you unlock truths about Jesus hidden in the tribes of Israel! Join Joseph Prince in Part 2 of this exciting study as he reveals Bible prophecy from the blessings of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Zebulun. See how each prophecy reflects a glimpse of Jesus’ ministry on earth and be encouraged in knowing that His love remains constant for you today. You’ll be blessed as you also learn how you can:

  • Speak forth your God-given breakthroughs and see them come to pass.
  • Live fearlessly when you see how God has a bright future prepared for you.
  • Experience your miracle as you begin to lift up praises to Him.
  • Be filled with peace and hope as you see how much He wants to provide for all your needs—spirit, soul, and body.

Be transformed from glory to glory as you get a fresh encounter with the One who loves you!

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