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Rise Up And Reign Over Your Enemies

Rise Up And Reign Over Your Enemies

12 April 2020

About This Sermon

God wants you to reign over all your enemies! Whether the enemy you’re facing is sickness, a new strain of virus, depression, or lack, discover the key that will cause you to rise up and reign over it. In this powerful message by Joseph Prince, discover the winning attitude that God wants you to have in the midst of this dark season. Learn how you can:

  • Experience victory over every trial when you develop God’s “throne attitude” of rest.
  • Rise above every adversity when you understand your unshakable position in Christ.
  • See God’s provision, protection, and healing when you anchor your faith in Jesus’ finished work.
  • Ascend to greater levels of blessings and freedom when you learn to be directed step by step by the Spirit.

Beloved, it’s time to rise up and reign over every adversity!

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3 Recommendations

April 20, 2020
Dawn Hood
It gave me Hope
May 02, 2020
Sheila Cabral
I like this because it feeds the soul in these trying times. My father died recently and God has comforted my heart so much during these tough times. He didn't die from the cove but this reminds me how he had no fear and he knew when he died he would be inside the gates of heaven. I wonder if he is watching over me or if he is a sleep until the return of Christ? Sometimes I feel like his sprit is with me but my the grandmother told me the Bible says he's resting (sleeping) until Christs return. I love Joseph's knowledge of the Bible andhow he studies and teaches every verse and its deep meaning. God Bless You and Your family pastor Joseph .
April 17, 2020
Souckchen Kaur singh
I like this sermon because it's the truth and as God says the truth sets us free and as believers I love it when I have the promise that God has for us and God using His son pastor joseph to explain in such a way that I personally know it's from our God and am therefore able to carry on under the grace and fellowship of His divine love by doibg His Works as I best can. Thankyou so much brother for you truly are a great man of God and I beleive you also are a prophet of this time presant...bless you and all you family.

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