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Receiving The Hundredfold Blessing #2

Receiving The Hundredfold Blessing #2

1 June 2001

About This Sermon

Catch a fresh revelation of God's heart to bless you more than you can ever ask or imagine! Your heavenly Father is not just able, but He is also more than willing to provide abundantly for you. Let this powerful message by Joseph Prince change forever the way you see God. He doesn't give to you grudgingly out of a limited supply, but He gives to you freely and joyfully out of the riches of His inexhaustible grace! Hear this faith-building message today and get ready to experience the hundredfold blessing God has in store for you!

*Disclaimer: Do note that as this is a classic sermon, the quality of this sermon’s audio may not be as refined as compared to our later sermons, as this was recorded in a location with limited audio capabilities. Thank you for your understanding