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Prayer 2.0—The Key To The Double Portion

Prayer 2.0—The Key To The Double Portion

13 September 2020

About This Sermon

Take your prayer life to the next level with Prayer 2.0 and start walking in a double portion of God’s blessings and breakthroughs! Dive into this exciting study on praying in the Spirit and learn how it is the key to supernaturally overcoming every seemingly impossible obstacle you’re facing. Discover the value of God’s gift of tongues and how it will cause you to:

  • Receive answers and divine breakthroughs for every difficult situation.
  • Flow in the gifts of the Spirit and be a blessing to those around you.
  • Uncover the wells of God’s provision, healing, and supply that the enemy has covered in your life.
  • Experience the new covenant way of walking in good success, favor, and anointing in everything you do.

Child of God, it’s time to pray with a fresh revelation of what the Spirit can do in you and through you. Practice praying in the Spirit and start seeing divine results!

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