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Position Yourself To See His Hazon Vision

Position Yourself To See His Hazon Vision

10 January 2021

About This Sermon

This year, God wants to fill you with His prophetic vision for your life—but are you ready to receive it? In this essential follow-up message to the Theme of the Year 2021 sermon (The Year of Hazon Vision), learn how you can position yourself to receive visions from God that will usher in unprecedented blessings and miracles in your life. Discover practical keys that will help you:

  • Learn the Holy Spirit’s language of visions and dreams, and begin to be led by Him in every situation and decision.
  • Discover your God-given calling and live life with clarity and conviction.
  • Experience His glory and miracle-working power flowing in you and through you.
  • Connect with the Lord to ask for and receive His hazon visions for every area of your life—whether it is for your work situation, family life, health, or relationships.

Beloved, take time to seek the Lord for the prophetic visions He has for you that you might run with them and see them come to pass!

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