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Pillars For Our Church And Life

Pillars For Our Church And Life

13 March 2022

About This Sermon

Experience God’s mighty power and anointing in your ministry and in your life when you prioritize the four pillars of the church! In this study of the early church in the book of Acts, discover what brings life and renewed strength to your church and your personal life—be it in the area of your health, relationships, or even finances. In this sermon, learn how you can:

  • Walk in the blessings of the new covenant as you listen to Christ-centered teachings.
  • Receive provision in areas of lack when you get involved in your local church and enjoy fellowship with other believers.
  • Experience health and healing as you partake of the holy Communion.
  • Overcome strife and conflict in your relationships through prayer.

Child of God, discover the importance of being plugged into a local church, and be encouraged as you see how the Holy Spirit works miracles, dispenses gifts, and supplies your needs through the body of Christ today.

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