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Own The Spirit Of Sonship

Own The Spirit Of Sonship

19 June 2022

About This Sermon

Why did Jesus come to reveal God as “Father” and why is it so important for us to see ourselves as sons and daughters of God? In this interview recording, Pastor Prince answers these important questions and more. Discover how God desires you to know Him as your Father who cares for you and learn how you can grow in the Spirit of sonship. Let a deep revelation of your heavenly Father’s love for you bring fresh waves of peace, provision, protection, and healing in your life!

Important Note
In this recording, Joseph Prince answers 3 important questions on the Spirit of sonship. These 3 segments are separated by an instrumental interval.

If you're listening to the audio version of this recording, these are the 3 questions that appear on screen as the instrumental intervals are played:
  • Question 1: What else was on your (Pastor Prince’s) heart that you did not get to share in your recent sermon “How to Be Strong in Grace”?
  • Question 2: How do we grow in Sonship?
  • Question 3: What is the significance of knowing God as our Father?

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