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Out From The Grave He Arose

Out From The Grave He Arose

15 April 2001

About This Sermon

God wants you to enjoy all the blessings that Jesus has secured for you through His death, burial, and resurrection. In this power-packed message by Joseph Prince, get a fresh understanding of the resurrection of our Lord. Why did God raise Jesus from the dead? What does His resurrection mean for believers? Find out the answers to these questions and anchor your heart on the certainty and perfection of Jesus' finished work at the cross. Because Christ is alive and seated at the Father's right hand today, you can rest and receive every blessing He has purchased for you!

*Disclaimer: Do note that as this is a classic sermon, the quality of this sermon’s audio may not be as refined as compared to our later sermons, as this was recorded in a location with limited audio capabilities. Thank you for your understanding

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