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Who was Noah, what was the real reason for the flood, and why did God choose to save only Noah and his family? What was really happening on earth at that time and why? Get the answers and much more as Joseph Prince presents the real Holy Word—not Hollywood—story of Noah. Let faith arise as you see God's mercy in sending the great flood, why He wants you to look heavenward to Him and how you have a watertight salvation in Christ the true ark. Hear this message and live with a true sense of security and hope in the end times.

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2 Recommendations

October 20, 2018
Fran Ratliff
It has blessed me, I should like to be able to access the entire series. IN HIS SERVICE FRAN RATLIFF TEXAS
March 24, 2019
This sermon blessed me because it unveiled to me secrets that I had never known about. Of course I'm commenting here for the first time because I have noted this offer to make a recommendation for the first time, even though I have listened to this sermon some time back. Yet it is worth listening to again and again - like every other sermon of Pastor Joseph Prince. I am personally blessed by all the revelations and even though I was saved 14 years back, my life was completely transformed when I understood and received the truth about the gift of righteousness which is not based on anything I have done, or do or will ever do but is totally dependent on what My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has done. Thank you Pastor. I recommend this teaching for everyone - Believer and Non- believer.

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