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Move From Predicament To Promotion

Move From Predicament To Promotion

23 May 2018

About This Sermon

Are you caught in a situation you can’t see a way out of? God has an answer for you. Join Joseph Prince as he reveals God's desire to give you the divine insight you need in the midst of your trouble and confusion. In this powerful, eye-opening study of Bible prophecy, you’ll be amazed by how relevant the end-time prophecies in the book of Daniel are for us today. Find out:

- What to do when there seems to be no answer for your challenge
- How to live with renewed hope and assurance in uncertain times
- How God not only wants to deliver you from your difficult situation—He wants to promote you through it

Go from predicament to promotion when you seek the One who has all the answers and whose heart is for you!

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3 Recommendations

June 22, 2018
Bennedict Mokoka
This sermon has greatly increased and deepened my faith in The Lord that He has already answered my prayer. As a teacher I am about to apply for a high post/promotional post-head of department in my school, and thus I believe that The Lord has already changed my situations (things) and has already granted my request; I hereby receive this promotion therefore, Amen. Eternal thanks giving to The Lord Jesus Christ, my Good Shepherd for the completely completed and perfectly perfect work at the cross, Amen. Thank you too pastor Prince for giving yourself to our God to work with you to preach this wonderful great news, the Gospel of Grace which "the Power of God unto salvation to the one who believes...". Amen.
June 22, 2018
Ebenezer Sam
It has been so good to my pastoral life
February 22, 2020
Brenda Doughty
Excellent message

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