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Jesus Unveiled—Secrets From Moses’ 40 Days

Jesus Unveiled—Secrets From Moses’ 40 Days

26 November 2014

About This Sermon

What was really on God’s heart when He spoke to Moses for forty days and forty nights on Mount Sinai? Joseph Prince expounds on the many things that God told Moses and shows you how they are all figures, types, and shadows of God’s beloved Son, Jesus, and the perfection of His finished work at Calvary. Understand what the various tabernacle furniture pieces speak of, see how your sins have been forever reduced to ashes, and learn why you are eternally secure in Christ. Be blessed to know how God is not about legalism, but about showing you His love and salvation through Christ.

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1 Recommendation

July 17, 2019
Pastor Lenia Chilongo
I like the sermon because it talks about the truths of how all my sins where turned to ashes.Alleluia!

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