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Jesus Saves, Heals And Renews

Jesus Saves, Heals And Renews

27 February 2022

About This Sermon

Did you know that Jesus not only paid the price for your salvation, but also for your healing and the renewal of your youth and strength? Beloved, God wants you to enjoy a long life where you are thriving at every age and in every season. In this sermon, learn how you can:

  • See healing spring forth when you stand on the firm foundation that Jesus has purchased health and wholeness for you at the cross.
  • Receive a renewal of vitality, youthfulness, and sharpness of mind as you progress in age—just like Caleb in the Bible.
  • Have faith imparted to you as hear about God’s promises to make you strong, fruitful, and flourishing in every season of life.
  • Actively follow Jesus and place your trust in Him, and see Him provide for you in every way.

Child of God, you are set apart from the world to be a radiant testimony for the Lord and a blessing to others in these last days!

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