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How To Walk In The Blessings Of Abraham

How To Walk In The Blessings Of Abraham

7 October 2007

About This Sermon

Abraham was a very blessed man - he lived long, was very rich, experienced amazing miracles and was called a friend of God. As Abraham's seed through Christ and 'heirs according to the promise', we ought to be enjoying all these blessings and more. So how do we walk in the blessings of Abraham? And how does the promise become of no effect in our lives? Discover the answers in this message by Joseph Prince and learn how to first be established in the abundance of God's grace, and then you will see His sure promises come to pass in your life!

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June 30, 2019
Emeka Onuzuruike
My name is Emeka Onuzuruike. I have listened to your message about Job, Tithing and Winning the Mind battle and my outlook about God, Satan, Health and Wealth have been greatly impacted. Now, I have received greatest boldness to demand my rights in Christ without fear or begging. My outlook about God has been impacted as now I see Him as a loving Father who is willing to bless me. Your messages have even positively impacted me in my marriage without my doing anything since I have now learned how to subject my mind to the Obedience of Christ(not my obedience) hence Satan has nothing in me because of the Marvelous Grace of God. I will keep listening , re-listening and transforming unto greater Glory! God bless you Pastor Joseph Prince for your teachings that have greatly blessed my life and delivered me from the self-condemnation that I previously had. Amen.

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