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How To Serve With Power, Love and A Sound Mind

How To Serve With Power, Love and A Sound Mind

7 June 2011

About This Sermon

You can flow effortlessly and powerfully in the gifts of the Holy Spirit today! Join Joseph Prince as he expounds on the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and be encouraged to know that every believer-including you-can operate in these grace gifts. Understand how the Spirit leads you in using these gifts and why ministering in love is so important. Discover the secret to stepping out in faith and love, and moving super-naturally in the Spirit. Find out also what your gifts are and how to flow in them. Whether it's in the area of your family, ministry or work, the messages in this powerful resource will stir your faith and help you to operate and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit!

This sermon is part of the 7-part sermon series, Spirit Led-Moving By Grace In The Holy Spirit’s Gifts.


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