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His Word Brings Life And Healing

His Word Brings Life And Healing

27 June 2021

About This Sermon

Want to experience divine healing, renewal of youth, and a joy that persists in difficult seasons? Immerse yourself in God’s Word and see His power permeate through every fibre of your being! In this must-hear message by Joseph Prince, discover how you can receive the seed of God’s Word and watch it bring forth a great harvest of breakthroughs. Learn key truths from Scripture that will help you:

  • Cultivate your heart to become good ground for receiving God’s Word and reap a hundredfold harvest of His blessings.
  • Experience healing and renewal of youth when you saturate yourself with God’s promises in Scripture.
  • Remain unfazed by the challenges of life and overcome every stormy situation that threatens to overwhelm you.
  • Get God’s wisdom for parenting and every other facet of life when you prioritize time spent in His Word.

Flourish even in times of famine when you start cultivating a lifestyle of getting into God’s life-giving Word today!

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