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His Blessings Over You Are Irreversible

His Blessings Over You Are Irreversible

12 July 2020

About This Sermon

During this time of financial crisis, the Lord wants you fully assured of His promise to bless you. In this faith-building message by Joseph Prince, dive into a study of Hebrews 10 and see why nothing can reverse the Lord’s plan of provision in your life. Discover how you can:

  • Break free from the fear of the future when you see how the Lord has commanded His blessings over you.
  • Come to Him boldly and trust Him for the breakthroughs you need.
  • Experience His best life for you when you find refuge and provision in His finished work.
  • Live with robust peace that brings rest, health, and wholeness to your body, mind, and soul.

Beloved, God has sworn to bless you, and no difficult situation, economic setback, or evil scheme of the enemy can reverse His promise!

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