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God Can Turn Curses Into Blessings For You!

God Can Turn Curses Into Blessings For You!

5 September 2010

About This Sermon

Concerned about curses possibly operating in your life? Then this enlightening message will surely set you free! Get your faith pumped up as Joseph Prince shares from the story of Balaam, powerful and liberating truths on how God has so blessed you. Be amazed at how He delights in blessing you and how irreversibly blessed you are. Also, fear no more as you see how your heavenly Father can simply turn any curse against you into an awesome blessing. Plug into this message today and start living the blessed life that Jesus died to give you!

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1 Recommendation

September 16, 2020
I like this sermon because I now know that I am irreversibly blessed by God. I purchased the CD version a couple of years ago and have listened to it a lot. I drive for my job which allows me to listen to sermons as I drive. Every time I listened to it I was blessed and learn new things. My greatest blessing came when I was able to see the sermon on TBN. My spiritual understanding did a leap frog when I was able to see and hear the sermon preached by Pastor Prince. I was excited at the prospect of getting the video version so I could watch it repeatably and experience the multiplication of Grace and Peace again and again. Unfortunately, the video format is not available. I would love to be able to get the video version.

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