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Give Jesus Your Cares And Live Stress-Free (Live @ Lakewood Church)

Give Jesus Your Cares And Live Stress-Free (Live @ Lakewood Church)

3 June 2018

About This Sermon

Did you know that living stress-free is your blood-bought right? Preaching in Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, Joseph Prince shows you how you’ve been redeemed from stress, and how stress-free success comes when you learn to follow God’s ways of rest. Become undevourable to the enemy when you give every care to the Lord, and see His grace cover every demand when you are conscious of His supply. Whatever your challenge, when you let go of your worries and let Jesus take care of the need, you’ll enjoy His peace that the world cannot replicate and even see divine restoration for your losses!
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2 Recommendations

June 09, 2018
Emmanuel Anonoye
I like this sermon because it made me feel safe and well secured from all worries in me.
June 11, 2018
Pamela Graver
This is an excerpt from Joseph Prince's sermon at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas; Senior Pastor Joel Osteen. It is excellent and is a blessing when you apply it to your life!

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