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Find Answers In Your Darkest Times

Find Answers In Your Darkest Times

17 February 2019

About This Sermon

In a world where we’re bombarded by contradictory opinions and fake news, where can we find real answers to real problems?

The church.

As Joseph Prince teaches on the early church, you’ll see God’s heart for believers to come together, break bread, and find the answers we need. In this eye-opening message, you’ll discover from Scripture how you can:
  • Come under divine protection and covering when you are part of a church community.
  • See success and healing breakthroughs when you partake of the Communion together.
  • Experience God’s guidance and direction through the preached Word.
  • Be accepted and embraced even if you have fallen away from the church.

Beloved, in a world that so desperately needs solutions, you can receive God’s answers and blessings for your life in His house!

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