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Feeling Troubled? Start Praying In The Spirit!

Feeling Troubled? Start Praying In The Spirit!

6 September 2020

About This Sermon

Feeling troubled, overwhelmed, or burdened by discouraging thoughts about your future? God has a powerful prayer language that delivers you from negative thoughts and fears. In this relevant message for anyone going through a difficult season, discover how praying in the Spirit causes you to:

  • Experience renewed strength and restoration in your emotions, your mind, and even your body.
  • Be guided by the Holy Spirit within you and receive His answers to navigate every challenging situation.
  • See every setback in these turbulent times become a divine setup for something good to happen to you and your family.
  • Eradicate every worry, care, and anxious thought as you are filled with comfort, assurance, and a confident expectation of good to come.

Beloved, use this new covenant gift of praying in the Spirit and start seeing supernatural results in every area of need!

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1 Recommendation

September 10, 2020
florence house
I like this sermon because it is a right now word I know right from GOD through the Holy Spirit. I have been praying and asking GOD to show me HIS will to find a different job from the one I have. I am in the healthcare field and have for quite a few years desired to change employers and even field. I know this is not the career path GOD has chosen for me and even more so now cause this field leaves me overworked to the max and stressed and there is so much underpayment and overworking of employees in this field and with this "pandemic" we as healthcare professionals are truly being used to the max so our employers can gain even more money. Thank you for this Ramah word, Asking continued prayers that I will know GOD's will for which direction to go because I do not want to stay in this field

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