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Feeling Troubled? Start Praying In The Spirit!

Feeling Troubled? Start Praying In The Spirit!

6 September 2020

About This Sermon

Feeling troubled, overwhelmed, or burdened by discouraging thoughts about your future? God has a powerful prayer language that delivers you from negative thoughts and fears. In this relevant message for anyone going through a difficult season, discover how praying in the Spirit causes you to:

  • Experience renewed strength and restoration in your emotions, your mind, and even your body.
  • Be guided by the Holy Spirit within you and receive His answers to navigate every challenging situation.
  • See every setback in these turbulent times become a divine setup for something good to happen to you and your family.
  • Eradicate every worry, care, and anxious thought as you are filled with comfort, assurance, and a confident expectation of good to come.

Beloved, use this new covenant gift of praying in the Spirit and start seeing supernatural results in every area of need!

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