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Feel Disqualified? God Can Use You!

Feel Disqualified? God Can Use You!

25 February 2018

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Whom the world despises and calls insignificant, God can use for His glory! Come out of the doldrums as Joseph Prince shows you how God can still use you despite your weaknesses. See from the lives of several Bible heroes how God doesn’t leave you when you’ve lost your song, or when you feel all burned out. Instead, see how He will care for you, strengthen you, and cause you to still do great things that will even confound the strong and mighty of the world. Whatever your shortcoming or challenge is, let Him turn it around for your good and for His glory!

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Christopher Baloyi

March 2nd, 2018

Great sermon, extremely blessed.

Teresa Johnson

March 3rd, 2018

Realizing GOD loves you and that it is through your weaknesses that He is glorified is extremely important to remember. The greatest thing we can do is be a yielded vessel. As we yield to Holy Ghost, GOD can do through us more than we could even imagine. God loves us in spite of our faults. JESUS already paid for them all. Run to HIM, because HE knew your shame on the cross and bore it for you to live free and above that shame. Thank You, JESUS! I love You back!

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