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Feeding On The Love Of God For Me

Feeding On The Love Of God For Me

21 January 2001

About This Sermon

You can live each day protected and provided for by God's perfect love! Join Joseph Prince for an uplifting time in the Word as he unpacks the power of feeding on God's unconditional love for you. Learn the importance of going beyond just head knowledge of His love for you, to believing it in your heart and having your life transformed. Understand also how in Christ you can never lose God's steadfast love for you. Whatever fears may be holding you captive today, see them all melt away as you open your heart to the Father's unchanging acceptance and unfailing love for you!

*Disclaimer: Do note that as this is a classic sermon, the quality of this sermon’s audio may not be as refined as compared to our later sermons, as this was recorded in a location with limited audio capabilities. Thank you for your understanding

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