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Experience Abundance In Times Of Famine

Experience Abundance In Times Of Famine

3 May 2020

About This Sermon

As the world goes through a financial famine, God wants you to experience His practical supply of provision and be a blessing to those around you! In this essential message by Joseph Prince, you’ll receive divine wisdom to help you thrive in the volatile times we are living in. Discover how you can:

  • Live assured when you see God’s heart to provide for you and your loved ones.
  • Experience God’s lavish supply as you give to others with a generous spirit.
  • See your children being blessed when you follow God’s principle of the tithe.
  • Access heaven’s provision when you are established in the truths of the divine exchange.

Whether you’re the breadwinner in your family, a business owner, or simply finding stability in these uncertain times, you’ll be equipped and strengthened to flourish in the days ahead!

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3 Recommendations

May 07, 2020
Eric Van den Tillaart
First of all thank u for explaining the truth. That so many people dont know. I bought one of you'r books. And i start to understand about the bread and wine. I have had a lot of mental issues/ diseases. But now i understand why and how i can be health. I'm a person who personnaly dont trust doctors they have make me worse than i was. And i choose faith instead of them . So thank u Joseph Prince for telling the truth and doing it in such a positieve way. Bless u and your family. My name is Eric van den tillaart from the netherlands
May 11, 2020
Jackson Mwiti
I am blessed so much with word of Lord.i hope through pastor price I have seen great power through the Gospel righteousness of seen , this word it's alive , believe the work of jusus that he did the cross he did because of us,offcose if you believe Christ everything will okay. Thanks
May 07, 2020
Debora A Gray
It spoke to me in regards to how since May 1st 2020 God has been blessing me. I just moved into my new apartment with nothing but my clothes. I was living with my daughter and grandkids before I had moved to my place. Our neighbor had just recently passed and some of her family member just so happen to see me move my belonging into my apartment and they had told me they were going to be donating some of her furnishing and ask me did I want or need anything I can have. I have been reading your 100 Days of Favor book and on Day 76 of the book it talks about Pray For Qarah Today Genesis 24:12. So I started telling the Lord"Give me success-qarah- this day", and He did. And I prayed the prayer for that day and just asking and praying that he direct my steps and place me at the right place at the right time with the right people and the Lord answer my prayer. I was bless with so much furniture, foods, etc things I know I could not afford at the time. I give God the glory! Amen! Halleujah! Praise The Lord! Thank you Joseph Prince and Wendy and New Creation Church. Thank you for your teaching, preaching and ministries. You have bless me so much and all I can say is Thank You Lord.

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