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Expect Good In Times Of Trouble

Expect Good In Times Of Trouble

17 May 2020

About This Sermon

Even as bad news and negative reports become the “new normal,” you can still expect your best days to be ahead of you. Experience robust hope and peace when you see the Lord’s heart to protect and provide for you and your family. In this encouraging message by Joseph Prince, learn how you can:

  • Speak good and begin to experience good in your situation.
  • Break free from wrong believing that holds you back from your blessed future in Christ.
  • Pray bold, faith-filled prayers in line with God’s will and experience divine deliverance from your troubles.
  • Stand on God’s unfailing promises and come out of every trial with new strength and stability.

Beloved, even in these troubling times, you have every reason to look forward to good in your life!

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2 Recommendations

May 26, 2020
Mase Namo
I like this sermon because it gave me back hope that what I am facing now its only temporary my best days are coming. I have lost hope and was crying bitterly everyday trying to figure out what wrong I have done to experience all the things in my life but after listening to Pastor Prince something changed in me and realized that God truly loves me, its not what I have done but what He has done for me. I felt the unconditional love of God and a promise that this too shall pass. Thank you Pastor Prince may the good Lord continue to bless you
May 24, 2020
Stephen Kimkung
I like the sermon because the Spirit witnesses in my spirit that it's a Word in its season.

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