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Declare You Are Highly Favored

Declare You Are Highly Favored

13 December 2020

About This Sermon

When life doesn’t go your way, God wants you to know and declare this unchanging truth: you are still highly favored by Him! In this foundational message by Joseph Prince, learn the importance of having a good opinion of God and believing what His Word says about you and your situation. You’ll discover liberating keys that will help you:

  • Be encouraged as you see how God is working behind the scenes in every difficult situation.
  • Effortlessly grow in faith as you rest in His faithfulness.
  • Live stress-free and get stronger through every challenge.
  • Experience supernatural turnarounds when you declare God’s Word and unchanging promises over your life.

Catch a fresh revelation of how good and faithful God is to you, and live with the confident expectation that He is working all things together for your benefit!

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