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Changing Your Destiny Through Christ

Changing Your Destiny Through Christ

22 December 2002

About This Sermon

Are you discouraged by the limitations you face in life? Perhaps, you are disadvantaged by a lack of education, or family background, and believe that you will never rise above your situation. Well, as a child of God, you don't have to settle for a mediocre life! This message by Joseph Prince shows you how a man in the Bible named 'Trouble' called on God to change his destiny with just a simple prayer. The result? Favour, protection and prosperity! You too can pray the same prayer, and let God come through for you because Christ has paid it all for you at the cross.
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*Disclaimer: Do note that as this is a classic sermon, the quality of this sermon’s audio may not be as refined as compared to our later sermons, as this was recorded in a location with limited audio capabilities. Thank you for your understanding


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