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Can You See The Angels Protecting You?

Can You See The Angels Protecting You?

2 February 2020

About This Sermon

With natural disasters and new strains of viruses flooding the news, this message has never been more relevant. In these dark and dangerous times, the God of Angel Armies wants you to live life unafraid. Discover from Scripture how He has sent innumerable angels to surround you and your family to protect you from the perils of this world. Learn truths that will help you:

  • Live fear-free when you see how God has given His angels charge over you.
  • Be filled with faith for God’s protection against every deadly disease and virus.
  • Fortify your heart with God’s promises of protection found in His Word.
  • Be encouraged as you hear real-life stories of angelic help in times of trouble.
Beloved, see yourself and your loved ones safe and secure under the fierce protection of angel armies sent to protect, deliver, and rescue you from all harm and danger!

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