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Break Free From The Chains Of Condemnation

Break Free From The Chains Of Condemnation

9 August 2020

About This Sermon

Break free from the chains that stop God’s provision, peace, and divine results from flowing in your life! In this foundational sermon by Joseph Prince, discover how you can step out of condemnation and live under an open heaven of God’s supply for your every need. Learn powerful keys that will help you:

  • Live a long, healthy, youthful life that’s filled with good days.
  • Understand how you can be Spirit-led and live without stress or anxiety.
  • Remove every wrong belief that has stopped you from experiencing God’s promises.
  • Walk in the benefits of the new covenant, including peace and wholeness in your mind and relationships.

Child of God, it’s time to break free from condemnation and see God’s abundant blessings rush into your life like never before!

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