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Break Free From Addiction And Shame

Break Free From Addiction And Shame

15 April 2018

About This Sermon

When the guilt goes, so does your addiction. In this powerful message, Joseph Prince shows you how guilt and sin-consciousness perpetuate the sin cycle in an addiction, whereas knowing you have total forgiveness through Christ’s shed blood breaks that cycle. Understand why your past, present, and even future sins can all be forgiven once for all, and how knowing this frees you from captivity to sin. Get a fresh revelation of the efficacy of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice in perfecting your conscience, and break free of any bondage to be all that God has called you to be.
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1 Recommendation

May 30, 2018
Linda Popelack
I was a herion addic for 18yrs I felt shame and guilt which kept me from Jesus and prayers. I just wanted to die, and stop hurting. Some how I fround pastor Prince on my I phone and listening to him for days. I been set free ! Theirs so much more I want to say but, thank you Jesus for sending Joseph Prince my way.

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